Candice Brookins

I learned to be a better cook, for sure. I learned to trust my innate intelligence a lot more during this program, as well. I faced quite a bit of resistance, physically, mentally, spiritually, and internally, pretty much from the moment I enrolled and much of it hasn’t gone anywhere. The beautiful thing about this experience has been that in times past, I would have folded and given up. This time, I continued forward and while it wasn’t perfect, I can say that I showed up and gave it my best.

I learned the importance of time management, of committing to a time to cook. I learned the importance of a system to keep things moving in your kitchen so that at the end of it, you aren’t physically or emotionally spent. I am more intentional about preserving my energy, on multiple levels, so that I can be the best version of myself and that translate into the food. I have had several friends and colleagues tell me that they tasted the love in the food and prior to going through this course, I cannot recall ever hearing that; it means a lot for people literally feel the intention in your creation(s). I am thankful for this experience.

Candice Brookins

Chef Diploma – 2019

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