Rachel Jesson

I have grown physically, spiritually and emotionally during my time here at the SNC. I can not remember connecting with my food before nor really felt an obvious connection with it before until I participated in this course. I have had a truly magnificent time being a student. I have so enjoyed learning the naked truths on maximizing the nutritional profiles of foods through the various cooking methods.

It was a wonderful treat to be able to study again especially in a topic I am so passionate about. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and I’m entirely grateful that I had Julianaa as my mentor. She is exceptional at what she does. Her life experience is far and wide developing her into the leader she is today in the language of intuitive cooking. She is my heroine and I can only dream of getting close to slightly resembling her ways and teachings as an educator. I hope I can bring the same enthusiasm, passion, humour and commitment to my students one day! What an example she has set! Inspiring!!!!

During the course I had made some of the best foods I or my family have ever tasted! Yet, I still lack the confidence. Perhaps this will come with time and maturity in the field.

My knife skills need some work still but that may develop too as time goes by.

I’m so proud of myself that I completely ‘gave’ my whole being to this course. I am fussy with what I consume. I know and understand my body well especially when it comes to foods it can’t tolerate. For once, I decided to free myself and just opened myself up to all the opportunities in the course. I ate small amounts of wheat with negative consequences but the initial reaction, enjoyment and surprise was worth the small amount of discomfort 🙂 I felt fully engaged, alive and wanted to experience ALL of my cooking not just parts so I submerged my entire body into it.

I had such fun the whole way. I loved every moment and every mouthful! I loved watching the videos and then cooking to practice the method. I really enjoyed that reinforcement. I felt the practice solidified the method or concept for me. It made it more memorable than just watching the video. I loved the food styling at the end of the cook that sometimes took longer than the cook. I loved making my food look gorgeous and delicious. AND I especially loved eating it!

I have never experienced a course that I have felt so in tune with. A course that fed my soul and that I was so connected too, and that was SO in line with my own thinking and learning. I have appreciated every unit, lesson, live workshop and practical workshop. I loved the abundance and overwhelm of learning and creativity in the early units and I also thoroughly enjoyed the the later units where I got to realize that I can actually cook anything, literally! First time experiences with ingredients or cuisines and I felt comfortable during and after the cook and elated on tastings!

Finally I found a great sense of peace in my kitchen and I work at a meditative pace now which I need more of in my frantic life. I love the fact that I can translate any recipe into the language.

What a wonderful gift my husband gave me, truly priceless. I had no clue I was in for such a treat! Thank you for a truly mind-blowing experience. What a gorgeous journey it has been! Now the true adventure starts…

Rachel Jesson

Chef Diploma 2019

Natural Chef Certified Teacher – 2021

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