Robbie Esparaza-Escobar

This has been an amazing program for me. I’ve grown confidence, learned many new ways to cook and how to balance a meal, learned to make cookies and cake for the first time, dehydrate vegetables, make mochi, sprout! Wow! This is just the beginning. I am even more aware of what I don’t know but I am so thrilled be have kickstarted this journey of becoming the best cook I can possibly be. Thank you so much for all you have taught and continue to teach me. I have a long way to go but I’m excited at how much I’ve grown in less than a year!

Ruchi Shah


I have learned so much throughout this course. This course has given me so much confidence in my culinary skills. I went in knowing close to nothing and now I can make amazing dishes from scratch on a professional level. Having this knowledge has completely changed my life and I can’t wait to see what I will do with my skills in the future.

Robbie Esparaza-Escobar

Chef Diploma 2019

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