Jeanie O’Kane

I’ve been cooking for myself, my family, and my friends for many years. However, I always felt like there was room to elevate my skills and knowledge. Over the past nine months I have learned so much. The following is a highlight, as I know I can’t capture everything, and that the beauty of this program is that I will continue to learn as time goes on.

I feel I learned deeper skills for designing and composing meals. My knowledge now includes the ability to choose a variety of ingredients for nutrients, texture, color, etc. I also feel that I have found more creativity through the process of using the meal composition guidance.

I believe my technical skills have sharpened during the program. These skills include specific cooking methods/techniques, knife skills, planning/time management/efficiency, and how to remain more grounded while cooking.

Finally, I feel that my confidence and personal growth has also benefited in a variety of ways. This growth includes a greater sense of “owning the process”, feeling like I have knowledge and skills to provide to others through my own cooking, and becoming more adventurous – living foods, methods, ingredients, etc.

Jeanie O’kane

Chef Diploma 2019

Natural Cook certified teachers 2021

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