Ariyaa Srikumar

As for the culinary side, I would like to state an example of what happened to me 3 weeks back .

I am very fond of ramen and I had a chance to have a vegetarian ramen that time. I loved it and I could not stop thinking about it; usually it stays that way but now I am able to figure out the ingredients and how to create the flavour in the soup . It was an amazing experience to recreate. Later when I checked with my friend, the ingredients where more or less the same. I was very happy .

Now, the time it takes to compose and execute a dish is very quick and I can have the process well defined in my mind even before I begin or let the dish unfold without an expectation.

Cooking is not as stressful everyday as it is a chance to be creative.

Ariyaa Srikumar

Chef Diploma 2019

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