Chloe Dercks

Through The School of Natural Cookery I have learned not only how to improvise but also how to create from scratch-no recipes, no grocery runs-just with the ingredients that are in my kitchen in that moment. It’s such an important and useful tool to have as an aspiring chef. You can’t ever guarantee you’re going to have particular ingredients in someone else’s kitchen or even a professional kitchen. It gave me a whole new way at looking at plant based cuisine-not just how to ‘veganize’ but how to create something completely new and unique that doesn’t necessarily resemble anything in the animal based world.

Personally I feel I have gained a great deal of confidence in my cooking skills. Before this program I loved to cook but sharing dishes with friends and family was always very anxiety-inducing, whereas now I am so excited to share my creations with my loved ones. That confidence was something I really needed and I am really thankful to have gained from this course.

Chloe Dercks 2019

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