I am reading now all your books and really enjoying them. I love the Amazing Grain book right now. Just the tenderness you have toward food. It’s so rare now. I’m just registering a sort of culture shock. As you know well, today’s commerce like to sell their ingredients- not the essence: Ingredients are cultivated and thrown together as extra benefits ( e.g meal replacement shakes, afternoon snack bars, drink powders) but where is that dance they have with other food groups when intuitively and thoughtfully brought together, as you began talking about decades ago.

I have this mindset as a Montessori teacher of how to bring the awareness of whole food groups to elementary aged children. It’s clearly a nomenclature.

Lastly, I saw a clip last night of Gordon Ramsey and his hectic, fast paced cooking show with many chefs trying to “ beat” him. I’m thinking as I read your books. It’s like food is “slaughtered” and slammed together for beauty and hopefully taste. But where is the soul of that dish.

I’m just really enjoying all you stand for with your treatises on the ancient grains, beans, preparation, intuition, clarity and individual ownership to eat well.

Just wanted to send you a note. Hopefully, make your day.

Kristen (Independent Study Student)

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