Ben Adams

This curriculum will be, and has already begun to shape a foundation of knowledge that I don’t think I can operate without anymore. I first came into this program with hopes of gaining a simple clarity of the cooking process. I can now say that has happened, and am happy to be finishing with that aspiration filled. I appreciate that each theory of cooking is constantly at the center of the plot. Cooking methods branch out from this central knowledge and validates that this schooling is truly a framework for creativity.

These intuitive concepts break down barriers that I often believe keep many people from cooking more. The most prevalent being all 5 theories of cooking, primary and supporting element categorization, and the healing power of the creative process.

I have learned that the creative process of cooking is healing.  Truthfully, I believe most learning I hold close was available in the Independent Study Program, but without the Chef Training I know I would not be walking away with this information embodied.

My goal is to use this education to help address equal access to nutrition for all people.

I hope to capitalize on this in career work and life, which is another reason I found the Chef Certified training to be the right option for me. This will most immediately be taking place on a local organic and soil regenerative farm.

Ben Adams

Chef Training 2019

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