Jennifer Caparrelli

Through this course, I validated many of the skills I already had, I sharpened several others and attained several new ones.

I learned how to understand Bean Cookery! I never cooked with beans, because I didn’t know How! I learned that grains are beautiful, unique and universal. Grains are tough and so versatile, yet require an ever so careful technique to allow them to shine.

I learned how important the use of Salt is when cooking and more so When to use it. I learned about living foods, bread making and inventing desserts too. I can’t forget the skills I leaned about making sauces! I had never made a bean sauce or a pate before this course…those were some of my favorite assignments. I learned so many ways to use nuts and seeds.

I could go on and on.

The format of the SNC Language is completely brilliant, and kudos to Juilanaa for figuring it out and connecting all the dots well enough to teach it to someone else!

Jennifer Caparrelli

Chef Training 2021

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