McKenna Urbina

I am grateful for what I have learned at The School of Natural Cookery.

I acquired knife skills, in depth information on cooking methods, and the importance of whole foods and ingredients.

I gained a broader perspective on the infinite creativity in the kitchen realm. I feel confident in trusting my intuition to create a pleasant, wholesome dish.

I understand the function of all the elements and cooking methods, fueling the infinite fire of possibilities.

I have gained knowledge on ingredients I never knew existed.

I have acquired an understanding of the mechanisms that go into a balanced meal.

I have a deeper understanding of the transfer of energy from food to consumer.

Everything feels more natural than ever in the kitchen. I am much quicker to dish out meals because I don’t have to stop and read a recipe for measurements.

I no longer view cooking as being such a technical task, it is a form of love and trust within oneself which is transported unto the one eating.

Cooking, health, and holism have been a long time passion of mine. I love nourishing those around me physically, emotionally, energetically, and mentally. This course has validated everything I already believed about nutrition and food, how it goes beyond the physical realm and feeds the interconnectedness of existence.

McKenna Urbina

Graduate 2023