Rebecca Isis

The layout of this course is great! I loved how it built upon itself and each topic was revisited numerous times but in new ways.

I liked how traditional elements and H/S were highlighted and discussed for different cuisines but that we were free to put our own spin on things. Being introduced to some of these cuisines with just a  sketch was such a fun way to discover the flavors and tastes. I also loved choosing our own cuisine and translating traditional recipes into sketches. That really made us think in ‘The Language’ of the school and break down traditional cooking into the easily digestible  sketches.

I loved that the class started with working from intuition and tapping into your center and how in touch Julianaa is with the food, her creativity, and her center. She has so much wisdom and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her.

This is an incredible school and I feel that everyone, home cooks and professionals alike, would benefit from this education. While I felt that it could have been paced out a bit slower in the beginning and that the videos could be updated, I would definitely recommend this training to others.

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