What does it mean to be intuitive?

Being “intuitive” means “We have to stop, look, and listen, in order to be kind. First, we use our eyes and hearts—and then we ask our minds.” Intuition relies on multiple levels of awareness and uses the whole of us. In cooking, this includes seven basic chakras, five simple tastes, olfactory function of smell, visual response from color, feeling textures, and learning to trust oneself that the decision of each step is safe. These messages will vary with changes in weather, daily stress, age and activity. Also included are myriad hidden factors such as individual ability to digest or desire ingredients, and memories of particular dishes.

You may be surprised to know that eating is actually very complex. Our human bodies are layered with information that is constantly talking to us. No one person is the same as another. By eating intuitively we customize our diet. Feeding information into our knowledge base about what is nourishing, sets our intuition to automatically make the correct selections.

Becoming an intuitive cook is the path to upgrading your intuitive eating.

The benefit and advancement of health for individuals is when we understand how different foods affect us.  This essential, personal understanding comes not from being told by a diet book, health professional, or famous chef—but from recognizing deep within our own body-systems those ingredients and cooking methods also known as “dishes and meals” that resonate and create identifiable responses. The idea behind this is to achieve an eating or cooking practice that works for our personal self, not one that is deemed “healthy” by external sources, which may apply arbitrary restrictions such as no-salt or no-oil cooking, and other restrictions that ultimately create food-obsessions with side effects of guilt.

Intuitive Cooking Elevates A Successful Intuitive Eating Practice.

Knowing what is good inside our bodies is different from being told what is best for our body. This knowing develops personal power by putting us in control of our own health and food budget. But it is not only the food and eating budget that wins in this partnership. Healthcare costs shrink when we take responsibility for our food and cooking choices. When we can cook anything well, easily, and with very simple ingredients, our body will come into balance along with the economics of eating.

The benefits have a reach that is both long and broad in health, confidence, peace of mind, peace of heart, and in knowing that we have room for both freedom and control to coexist in us. Intuitive eating and cooking is the place where control meets the grid of where you hold on, and where you let go.

Learn to cook intuitively.

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