This topic is addressed throughout the training, applying thoughts, curiosity, and
practical questions to different business options for graduates with this training.

Working in a kitchen requires knowing about ingredients, tools, equipment,
timing, storing, holding, cleaning, and troubleshooting. Often during the ninemonth
course, students begin to identify what they want to do. They explore and
define what they need to get better at and what they are most curious about.

The outcome for our students is varied. Some may begin a business of their
own, or work for another company; others decide, this is not the direction for
them. In this evolving process, the outcome is always a “win.”

Students have the option to enroll in an additional course for food service
managers. They will have access to the alumni forum where we collect requests
from businesses who seek to hire our students.

In addition, we have a side classroom for those interested in private cheffing or
catering. This content is business-directed to support our students who have
studied creating balanced meals and dishes working within our Language of
Intuitive Cooking.

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