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The School of Natural Cookery

Master Natural Cookery with Intuitive Cooking

Holistic Culinary training for becoming a Natural Cook. Home cooks, health professionals, and chefs who want to nurture their relationship with cooking plant-based, whole food cuisine.

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Where Culinary Art Meets Healing Whole Food

Natural Cookery

What is a Natural Cook?

Intuition moves quickly in the kitchen when science meets art. 

– Julianaa Satie

Creativity is the healer

Natural Cookery training goes beyond cooking classes

We offer the best training for anyone who is ready to stimulate their creativity with whole, plant based ingredients.

Maybe you desire to  integrate personal health maintenance goals with real food.

Perhaps you are ready to never be bored or stuck, no matter how many times your diet changes through life.

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Healthy Cooking for Your Family?
Cooking For Health Conditions?
Quiet Cooking Close to Center
Cooking for a Career - Chef Training
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Lifelong Content

Natural Cookery Offers Holistic Culinary training

Maintain a sustainable relationship with food and cooking

One Training ~ Four Options

Natural Cookery

Select the start point that’s comfortable for you.

The Art of
Intuitive Cooking

For all who are interested in the principles and a system for cooking without recipes.

The Essential For Becoming A Natural Cook

Recommended for people seeking to shift daily towards whole food, plant-based cooking with the creative process.

The Complete Training of Natural Cookery

For students seek a comprehensive culinary journey with Intuitive Cooking.

The Natural Chef

For aspiring chefs and professionals seeking mastery with whole, plant-based, ingredients while engaging in a creative process.

The Natural Cook® Collective

This is a membership to support your training. The subscription can be paused, resumed or cancelled. Allowing for flexibility through life changes.

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