The School
of Natural Cookery

Where Culinary Art Meets Healing Whole Food


100% original whole food plant-based training for home-cooks, health professionals, and chefs

Take charge of your lifestyle or career in a training that sustains generations.

A unique and unconventional school developing the whole person to gain mastery in the art of cooking.

Students learn to create recipes, not  how to depend on them.




Green living heals the environment
Zero waste thinking and cooking methods




100% online
Teacher supported
Compatible with all diets




Creativity heals the heart

A structure for Improvisation

Conscious Cooking

Intuitive Cooking Without Recipes

The School of Natural Cookery (SNC) has been leading the healthy lifestyle industry with visionary training since 1983. Unlike other cooking schools, SNC’s non-traditional culinary training is designed to integrate a healing, creative, process with the art of cooking whole, plant-based ingredients.

Our tools support learning a proven way to cook and study, authentically, without ever needing a recipe. Students gain confidence to create dishes and understand recipes, diets, and ethnic cuisines.

The Natural Cook® training is the core curriculum of The School of Natural Cookery, where the process of intuitive cooking without recipes is as healing as the simplicity of nature’s nutrient-dense whole food.

Our training delivers a process that simultaneously integrates a clear understanding about the characteristics of ingredients and how they interact with cooking methods. These cooking methods are uniquely taught for plant-based cooking. In addition, the person cooking will be able to confidently harmonize ingredients for all diets, while having the ability to organize infinite possibilities.

The Language of Intuitive Cooking™


We have been doing this for 40 years.  The Language of Intuitive Cooking is a proven way to align terminology and words, in order to harmonize the root of all cooking. All diets, recipes, and cuisines, come from the root system provided by the structure of this language.  Not unlike “Latin” that holds the root meaning to all words, The Language of Intuitive Cooking supplies the root thinking and understanding of all cooking.


Your Study Options HERE

Independent Study

The Independent Study format is good for students at all levels of experience who want to engage in the The Natural Cook® training at their own pace, without requirements to submit homework or participate in live weekly meetings. Individuals, families, and experienced chefs wanting plant-base expertise, and who don’t need a certificate from SNC, will expand their culinary knowledge. Optional live weekly Q&A sessions provide teacher/mentor in support of your training.

Natural Chef

The Natural Chef training is a choice for students who want a rigorous, small-group university level structure with accountability. An assigned teacher/mentor personally follows your assignments. Participation in the classroom is required. This interactive, in-depth study builds confidence with knowing about how to cook well, design menus, and incorporate the organizational skills of a chef. This format requires a high school diploma or equivalent with a commitment of a minimum of 25 hours a week over nine months.

Qualified graduates will receive a diploma.

Student Testimonials

“I attended SNC in 2000 wanting to make a career change from the corporate world. Under Julianaa’s tutelage and caring wisdom I learned how to cook and engage in my own creative process. I became a successful personal chef for about 10 years for all sorts of clients – I prepared health supportive meals for clients with autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and weight loss resistance. I loved my work and felt that I was well prepared for any situation. I have the ability to quickly come up with recipes and meal plans has been invaluable to my career as a chef and nutritionist. I can’t imagine not knowing how to offer real food help with ideas as a nutritionist. I am a proud alumnae and can’t say enough good things about SNC”

– Christina Wilson

“First, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU again and again. My life is healthier, happier, energized, and already 9.5lbs. lighter(mostly vegan natural diet) since encountering you, Maia and your School of Natural Cookery. I am cooking way more than I used to!!! I can’t believe the taste, quality, and possibilities of the dishes I could prepare. A few weeks ago I didn’t even know what braising was(and it looks like I still don’t understand it completely!) It has been completely transforming. For the first time in my life, I can cook for myself, my partner Michael and others. The nut sauce was heavenly and perfectly complimented the amaranth dish. (Michael loved it). I am going to a ball tonight and even have a ball dress I can fit into.”

– Dr. Safia Rubai, Colorado

“I really have enjoyed the course. Particularly helpful to me were the desserts — learning about proportions and the use of thickeners. Very cool! In fact every time I make cookies, soup, pancakes, etc. now I’m really just thinking – ” What flavors do I want to impart and what ingredients do I want to include?” I feel more comfortable improvising and adapting recipes to make them healthier and suit my family’s tastes.”

– Mary Chris Jaklevic, Illinois

“I could watch your videos all day! I love you and your philosophy.”

– Lauren Lewis, The Pure Gourmet, Boulder, Colorado

“Julianaa, your course has transformed how my ingredients are organized in the kitchen and what a difference this makes not only for inspiration, but I am actually starting to look forward to cooking, instead of usually viewing it as a chore.”

– Martha, Wisconsin

“I have to thank you for all that I learned as a student of your course. I have based my personal cooking style from the course and it has become my career and true passion. The school has been my inspiration and you and Maihaa were the greatest teachers that I ever had the honor to learn from.”

– Michael Mullen, St. Augustine, FL

“The School of Natural Cookery online system is brilliant! I have been enrolled in the Complete Natural Cook training since May. Coming in as a complete novice to cooking, this course was perfect for me to learn the language of cooking without recipes. I systematically went through each of the Units and learned each cooking method through copying exactly what Julianna does in the videos. Once I l understood the cooking method through watching and copying, I was able to grasp the concept and use it in other applications. The online program is very well organized and thorough. As I am more of a classroom-learner, I thought I would struggle doing everything on my own but the weekly support calls with Maihaa have been incredibly helpful to me! I would absolutely recommend the School of Natural Cookery’s Natural Cook training to anyone who is interested in learning the basic principles of cooking with plant-based ingredients and who appreciates the creative process of intuitive cooking.”

– Stephanie Morish, Virginia


I must say, I’ve very much been enjoying the coursework! So much exciting discovery and so many ways that I’ve reconnected with previous healthy habits that had gone by the wayside.

Thank you!

Mathew Bruno, Denver, Colorado

Student Work